Top 30 Free Android Games for Kids

By | 2017-22-07

Top 30 Free Android Games for Kids – Are you searching for a number of the greatest kid’s games on Android? Then look no more! The next games aren’t just acceptable for kids, but are also perfect for adults to have fun! Best of all they’re readily available to download free!

However much you adore your Android smartphone, your children adore your Android telephone 3 times longer than you. This is why your children never miss to play with their beloved Android games if your smartphone is totally free. There are lots of free programs for kids offered in Google Play Store however we’re list best 10 best android games for children here.

Smartphones and programs are playing a critical part in helping contemporary children learn classes visually from the new electronic age of learning. And best Android gambling programs aren’t exceptions. In fact, in accordance with American Psychology Association (APA) playing video games can be helpful for your children as gaming enriches different societal, cognitive and cognitive abilities like reasoning, memory, understanding and spatial abilities etc..

But selecting the very best Android games for children is every bit as vital as you would like to compromise with your children online security on smart phones nor you wish to allow your children waste their time to get unproductive explanations.

Top 30 Free Android Games for Kids

Top 30 Free Android Games for Kids

Top 30 Free Android Games for Kids

Angry Birds – Download
Angry Birds is an old franchise, but it’s ideal for children. The mechanics are easy to learn and the game features cartoon style images with adorable animals which children appear to like. In addition to that, there are lots of games in the franchise and each game has hundreds of levels. That means there’s a whole lot of stuff for your kids to do. Every game is totally free to play but we suggest that you place a password on your Google Play account so your kids don’t accidentally drain your wallet with in-app purchases.

Bubadu – Download
Bubadu is a developer studio that has released a slew of kids games. They are not all wonderful, but a fantastic number of them are worth checking out. The matches do not always have informative value but they’re enjoyable to play with and comprise games around being a doctor, going to the grocery store, being a dentist, and about things like making cakes and building things. Each game has its own set of mechanics, but they’re never tricky to learn and the ideas presented should be quite simple for most people. You can download the majority of the games at no cost and cover the complete version through in-app purchases if you like them.

Cut the Rope series – Download
The Cut the Rope franchise is another wonderful chain of kids games. It sports a cute little monster that just wants to eat some candy and it’s your job to give it to him. Much like Angry Birds, it has simple mechanics, a fun little soundtrack, and numerous games in the series that contain hundreds of levels. Also, much like Angry Birds, there are in-app purchases so ensure that your phone is password protected appropriately so your kids don’t accidentally take advantage.

Duck Duck Moose, Inc – Download
They’ve just over half a dozen games in total that will have your kids building trucks, playing bingo, learning math, and going on adventures. The games are geared toward younger kids which include more simple concepts, adorable animal characters, and the sorts of things they’ll be asked to do isn’t overly hard. Your kid ought to have the ability to learn these games rather quickly.

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Endless Alphabet – Download
Endless Alphabet is an educational word game where your kids have to unjumble letters so as to determine what the word is. The game comes with over 100 words to learn and it also doesn’t keep score or register failures so that your little one can go in its own pace. The free version lets you demo the game and the paid version provides you the whole experience. The developer has also made a couple of awesome kids games that you may check out by clicking here.

Explorium: Ocean for Children – Download
Explorium: Ocean for Kids is one of the more excellent kids games which also teaches them about the ocean. The game is accompanied by an built-in encyclopedia with over 50 fun facts, the ability to customize your own experience, and there’s a two-player mode where parents can play along also. There’s a free version or you’ll be able to pay $4.50 for the entire game. The developers have a similar game for space that costs just like this one and you can discover that by clicking here!

Intellijoy games – Download
The majority of their apps and games are well-regarded by parents and are excellent for younger kids. You may browse their entire library by clicking the button below. Another alternative is using their all-in-one app to purchase all their games for $21.99 (usually around $50 in the event that you buy them separate) and have access to their entire library of apps and games forever. Should youn’t need to pay, pretty much all games include a free edition.

LEGO games – Download
They’ve an assortment of titles, including games themed from comic books, Star Wars, and their very own collection of games called Nexo Knights. The majority of the games are adventure games with varying mechanics, but virtually every game is simple to learn and fun to perform. The huge majority of them are free, but a few do require a buy to get the entire game. They’re family friendly and a fantastic addition to your collection.

PBS Kids – Download
PBS Kids is a developer studio that’s owned and operated by, you guessed it, PBS. They’ve an assortment of kids apps and kids games that cover everything from watching television programming oriented toward kids to time killing games which also teach. There’s also an overarching game named PBS Kids Games which sort of combines a number of these components in their very own game. Pretty much all their stuff is totally free and worth a shot.

Toca Boca – Download
Toca Boca is still another developer studio which has generated a number of decent children games. Their big thing is putting you in scenarios where your kids can do things. They have games oriented toward cooking, taking vacations, going to school, going to the big city, and even doing hair. The majority of the games have free and paid versions so that you may pick and choose which ones you want. They may be a good deal of fun and you’ve got a great deal of decent options here. To check out the whole collection, click the button below!

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ABC Learning Letters Toddlers – Download
ABC Learning Letters Toddlers is among the very best Android tablet for toddlers which assists in learning numbers and letters by the method easy exercise as your child learns how to compose these intricate alphabets and numbers within enjoyable manner by exercising screen and memorizing with noises in addition to visually.

ABC Flash Cards for Kids Game – Download
ABC Flash Cards for Kids Game makes learning ABCs simple and enjoyable with its easy but efficient alphabet flash cards to help your children learn phonics readily. It means your child will be studying ABCs in addition to A for Apple due to its trendy alphabet flash cards which teaches your children to associate alphabet with items by linking to the noises of objects.

Kids Game: Baby Phone – Download
Baby Phone Kids Game is still another absolutely free educational apps for children that makes turning your boring Android smartphone or tablet into an exciting teaching gadget easy. As your kids dial the number on baby phone, they learn the a variety of animal and best animal sounds in fun & exciting method.

Kids Finger Painting Art Game – Download
Kids Finger Painting Art Game is among the very best creative painting game for kids as it helps your kids learn basic painting skills in fun and entertaining way. It can help you in bring out the artistic talent from your kids by inspiring them to be more creative.

While playing this kind of exceptional painting game for painter of all ages, your kids exercise fine motor abilities and quickly develop hand-eye coordination all at precisely the exact same moment.

Alphabet Games for Kids – Download
Alphabet Games for Kids is a free educational app for children of elementary school age which helps your kids learn alphabets in fun and exciting way. It comes with 90 bright cards of real life objects to help your children study and don’t forget the letters by relating it with real-life objects.

The step-by-step ABC process helps your children learn whole alphabets in enjoyable surroundings without becoming bored. Your children not just learn alphabets and real life items associated with all those alphabets but also learn the right pronunciation of vowels, constants and syllables etc..

Learning Colors for Kids – Download
Learning Colors for Kids is a brilliant Android game for children that teaches different color names and items such as fruits or animals of the colour accessible encompassing by introducing amazing colours to your children.

Your kids or toddlers learn recognizing a variety of colours, calling their names and associating the colors with surrounding objects — all in easy and exciting method of playing.

Kid 2 Paint Free – Download
Kid 2 Paint Free is among the best drawing game for children and little painters as it helps your toddlers learn how to draw and paint in entertaining fashion for portion of fun game. The app is made with simple and simple to use user interface with 23 coloring pages and a save button to save the drawing and painting art performed by your little champ.

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Educational Games for Kids – Download
Educational Games for Kids is among the very best educational apps for kids of all ages. It’s all-in-one Android game for kids as it includes complete package of 12 Android gaming apps at no cost.

Various educational games out there within this all-in-one android game are included with a purpose of helping your children learn various skills like learning professions, matching relations, recognizing 100+ animal sounds, guessing sounds of musical instruments, solving puzzles and a lot more other skills from 12 distinct games.

Games for Kids – Download
Games for Kids is a learning game for children your kids or toddlers can play on Android tablets or smartphone. While playing this educational Android gaming app, your kid learns Phonics (sound alphabet letters) easily.

LEGO App4 android game – Download
Kids love LEGOs, and LEGO App4+ is the ideal game just for them. Kids are tasked with building their own truck, and then bringing in the cargo to the proper destination.

The classic game of Simon Says, but now on Google Play! Simon Says Nice challenges kids to remember patterns via blinking lights. Easy to learn, difficult to master.

Sporting multiple free games in one, Kid Mode: Free Games features an art studio, illustrated storybooks, and more. Best of all? It also features a parental lock, so kids cannot exit out of the app or click on the in-game ads!

ANGRY BIRDS – Download
The most successful mobile game in history is also free on Google Play. Control an arsenal of birds as you fling them into enemy pigs via slingshot in the least amount of turns possible to progress to the next level.

The puzzle game of the year, Where’s My Water challenges kids to guide water to protagonist Swampy’s broken shower. Utilizing physics and life-like mechanics, kids will need to dig through dirt and more to guide fresh water to the shower while avoiding dirty, toxic, and oozy water.

Fruit Ninja tasks kids with slicing as much fruit as possible in as few slices as possible to earn the most points possible. Avoid the bombs though, as that will be detrimental to their overall score!

With 375 levels and more to come, Cut the Rope is a game with consistently new levels. Featuring innovative, physics-based puzzles that challenges players to ‘cut the rope’ and feed the little monster in as little of moves as possible, it’s a game that is constantly challenging yet a blast to play.

Featuring everyone’s favorite gibberish-speaking yellow heroes, Despicable Me: Minion Rush tasks players with getting through each level by flying, dodging obstacles, and collecting bananas!

TEMPLE RUN 2 – Download
Similar to the game above, Temple Run 2 tasks kids with running, jumping, zip lining, and more through treacherous temples!

Take control of locomotives and travel through famous American locations! Get the trains to their destination without crashing! Fun yet challenging for kids, Train Conductor 2 Free is complete with hours of locomotive fun!

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