Top 15 Weird Simulator Games All Time

By | 2017-29-09

Top 15 Weird Simulator Games All Time – Everybody’s played a minumum of one simulator match in their own lifetime, and a number people have appreciated them. Titles like The Sims, Roller Coaster Tycoon, along with also the Football Manager series have kept the genre from the limelight through time, but there is also a bumper harvest of oddball sim games on the market. They are the games which force you to say, “Who ever considered building a game about this?” These eight of a few of the strangest we have seen.

Weird Simulator Games

Weird Simulator Games

Weird Simulator Games

Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013

Touted as “the most realistic vaccum simulator ever”, Robot Vaccum Simulator 2013 gives you the opportunity to experience the exciting lifestyle of a Roomba-like robotic vacuum cleaner. Offering single and dual-player manners with a completely open world and assuring “the best moment in gaming history,” there is only (and actually) no rivalry if you would like the very best videogame pruning experience.

Farming Simulator 2013

Available on PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, 3DS, iOS, Android and Windows Phone, there’s literally no one on Earth with an excuse to not shoot Farming Simulator 2013 for a spin. Wipe some digital sweat off your forehead after a fair day’s work by increasing your farm in almost any manner you see fit. From rearing cows into developing plants, you will have the rush of enlarging your agricultural kingdom. The 2013 upgrade includes sheep and chicken, in addition to potatoes, so there has never been a better time to leap to a combine harvester. We are going to bring the brand-new key.

Street Cleaning Simulator

Police are not the only force keeping the roads clean. Hop in the chair of a dirt-busting road cleaner and maintain your possessions free of clutter. Prevent pedestrians, weave in and out of traffic and stand up adoration of the general public together with your powerful arsenal of three large powered brushes and effective water jets. Street dirt does not stand a chance in Street Cleaning Simulator 2013 (or even Kehrmaschinen-Simulator to give it its own beautiful German title).

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European bus Simulator 2012

If you are more of a people person you’ll absolutely need to have behind the massive wheel of your very own meticulously manicured bus. Your domain name is your fictional German city of Freyfurt where you are tasked with becoming zombified members of the general public from point A to B. With 450 stops over six city areas and challenges such as feverish school runs, you are going to be extended into the upper bounds of your sexual training.

Woodcutter Simulator 2013

A stunning beard, red flannel shirt and primal impulse to dropped nature, 1 back at one time. If you are the owner of all three of them then you owe it to yourself to get a copy of the wood cutting sim. Featuring all you will need to cut down and transfer a truckful of wood, it is the first and only tree trimming sim you will ever need.

Bear Simulator

Our rippling muscles and copious quantity of body hair create Bear Simulator a brand new name for us, but for everyone else there is no greater way to step to the immense temptations of a salmon-eating, honey-swiping monster. Stroll about on two legs if you prefer, or run about on all four. In any event, you are king of the woods and ai not nobody gonna mess with you.

Ski Region Simulator 2012

“Prove your technical and managerial abilities,” proclaims the box for Ski Region Simulator 2012. It places you in control of a little ski resort and activities you with creating it mature. To make it as realistic as you can, the game includes real snow management vehicles from Pistenbully. Since you grow your hotel, you are going to add more lifts and vehicles, and you’re able to research that whole place on foot for a while. It is created by Giants Software, the some firm that created the Farming Simulator series.

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Viscera Cleanup Detail

Though the level design in Viscera Cleanup Detail is reminiscent of some of a range of first-person shooters, you do not get to do some shooting. Instead, you end up knee-deep at a janitorial simulator. You are made to clean up the amounts following the so-called protagonist has gone through and abandoned blood, guts, and body parts around. Rather than shooting back, you catch your towel and mop and begin cleaning up the clutter, picking up shell casings, and adjusting bullet holes. It is still in Historical Access, but it is certainly playable now.

Woodcutter Simulator 2013

Woodcutter Simulator 2013 is much more than simply placing on flannel and catching your favourite axe. You are able to do everything from cutting down trees using a chainsaw by a first-person standpoint to running big machines and clearing forests. Not just that, you will want to receive the logs you have cut out, on trucks, and delivered. You are going to need to compete with a sensible day/night cycle and weather, in addition to a mission system which challenges your woodcutting skill.

Street Cleaning Simulator

It is time to jump on your assigned vehicle and tidy up the town streets – literally. Street Cleaning Simulator puts you behind the controls of three virtually simulated cleaning vehicles and jobs you with coping with various forms of contamination using various cleaning methods. You will not just need to wash the roads; you are going to need to take care of the intricate visitors AI and pedestrians.

Home Improvisation

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What can be more entertaining than trying to gather ready-to-assemble furniture? That is the assumption behind the Internet game Höme Improvisåtion. You are probably going to want the help, since there are not any directions for any of those bits. All you’ve got to go by is your image to the box. Needless to say, you could always just build anything you want from these bits you’ve got. Aside from my frustration when attempting to play with it, it is among the very realistic simulators ever produced.

Surgeon Simulator

If you have always dreamed of being a physician and saving peoples’ lives, well, this isn’t this game. This game tasks you with saving lives, but then makes it utterly impossible to perform your aims on screen. In actuality, it’s similar to trying to win a trophy from the claw machine in the amusement park since it’s any type of sensible operation simulator. When you have dropped body components, instruments, and nearly everything else to your patient’s chest c

Goat Simulator

You perform as a goat that runs via the open world smashing into things and making points for this. Explaining why it appears to be this addictive is somewhat tougher. It was produced in a few weeks like a joke, but now that it has exploded in popularity, it has gotten much more absurd. There was the MMO Simulator DLC which allow you to play with five distinct courses and complete dozens of quests. Currently there’s a success DLC branded GoatZ coming shortly. With the success they have seen thus far, there is no reason to believe that we will not find more developments to this mad game.

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