The Hunger Games Simulator Android – NEW VERSION

By | 2017-28-09
The Hunger Games Simulator Android - NEW VERSION

The Hunger Games Simulator Android – NEW VERSION

The Newest version 3.2 of This Hunger Games Simulation is downloadable here, Also Comprises the following Improvements Within the past version 3.1 Which Premiered :

  1. New Effects: 21 different sound effects for everything from cannon firings to receiving a sponsor gift (Press “-” to toggle sounds). 47 more detailed textures for landscape features and items on the ground (Press “_” to toggle textures).
  2. New Actions: Display latest occasions which scrolled off the top of the display (Press ” key). Give or take direction connected to allies, which means they have a tendency to follow or not follow you about (Press “C” toward tribute beside you).
  3. New Behaviors: Tributes have distinct customizable peaks (with Professions tending to be taller). Tributes sometimes backstab allies even before all enemies are dead, particularly when the ally is feeble and efficiently dead fat, so beware!
  4. New Settings: 14 new options for customizing the play environment, such as water depth, fog effects, Mutt behavior (whether they can swim or climb trees), and special scenarios like dead tributes rising as Mutts to create a zombie apocalypse!

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