The Best And Richest Online Gamers in the World

By | 2017-03-10

The Best And Richest Online Gamers in the World – video game lovers, but there is no doubt it is a massive industry that is just getting larger. Together with e-sport prizes growing nicely into the millions of bucks, it is on its way to becoming a significant force in the realm of gambling and beyond.

Professional gambling has also discovered validity in some surprising areas, from schools to the U.S. government. This past year, the State Department started offering visas to professional players under precisely the exact same program that grants them to athletes.

Already, numerous expert gamers have discovered incredible success in the global world of e-sports. Following is a peek at a few of the very best pro gamers on the planet at this time.

The Best And Richest Online Gamers in the World

The Best And Richest Online Gamers in the World

The Best Pro Gamers in the World

Jonathan Wendel (Fatal1ty)

Jonathan Wendel is a remarkable e-sports participant for quite a few factors. To begin with, he is among the first professional e-sports players, debuting way back in 1999, before ace gambling was actually something. He is also unique because he’s competed in tournaments based on a lot of different video games, instead of focusing all his attention on one game, since the majority of the professional gamers on this listing have done.

By Quake into CounterStrike, Wendel can mow down the competition, even at the ripe old age of 33. He’s largely moved on to other matters now, like his firm Fatal1ty Inc., where he sells his own new gaming mouse pads, known as FATpads. All told, Wendell has pocketed a cool $454,919 in winnings, which gave him the album until he was cheered by Lee Jae Dong at 2013.

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Jang Min Chul (MC)
It is safe to state StarCraft II is large in South Korea, also because Jang Min Chul is among the greatest players in the nation, which makes him one of the very best players on Earth. Since 2010, he has engaged in roughly 80 championships, strengthening and refining his aggressive play fashion during every and every one. For all those opponents that can withstand the first barrage, nevertheless, Jang includes a killer late-game plan waiting in the wings. Unluckily for them, many gamers that face him off never get to view it. So far, Jang has won $490,772 in prize money.

Lee Young Ho (FlaSh)
This South Korean player is a member of the team KT Rolster. His go-to game is StarCraft II, a real-time strategy game that pits humans and other intergalactic races against each other in battles of total domination. The idea is to mine resources to build up your base and then send out troops to conquer the opposing team.

Born in 1992, Lee has been playing e-sports professionally for several years now, joining KT Rolster in 2007, at age 14. He’s known for exploiting any small weaknesses he can find in his opponents, as well as for his remarkable ability to come back and win when his matches seem hopelessly dire. Overall, according to e-Sports Earnings, Lee has racked up prize money to the tune of $495,091.

Lee Jae Dong (Jaedong)
Lee Jae Dong is a South Korean StarCraft II player who’s known for blowing away the competition, no matter how formidable. That’s why he’s earned the nicknames “The Tyrant,” “The God of Destruction,” and “The Legend Killer.” That’s a lot of nicknames, but he’s gotten them by winning a lot of tournaments, including three OnGameNet Starleague championships, two MBCGame StarCraft League championships, and one first-place finish at the World Cyber Games. Over the past few years, Lee has won $578,340 for playing competitively. In short, don’t get in his way.

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Saahil Arora (UNiVeRsE)
This Dota two player hails from Madison, Wisconsin, making him among the greatest eSports players on the planet to come in the West. He has earned that distinction by delivering powerful effects in many of tournaments annually, beginning in 2011, when he set seventh in that year’s The global tournament. He still going strong, having raked in a cool 581,826 thus far.

Aleksandr Dashkevych (XBOCT)
Another tremendously accomplished Dota two player on staff Natus Vincere (Na’Vi for short) is Aleksandr Dashkevych, also called XBOCT. Dashkevych is a Ukranian who did not look like he’d amount to much after a spell of matches with his previous group, Planet-X. They disbanded after a couple of losses, but after Dashkevych combined Na’Vi, he discovered that the success he had been training for. After only a small number of tournaments, he has already tucked off $601,806 in winnings. Not a bad comeback.

Danil Ishutin (Dendi)
Another Ukranian Dota two participant is Danil Ishutin, who has been competing in e-sports tournaments because 2006. He is bounced from 1 group to another over time, but he is now a member of a group already mentioned many times within this listing: Na’Vi. There is a reason that staff brings the best gamers, though: It is one of the best squads in the entire world.

All told, Ishutin has won roughly $604,752 from enjoying video games . If you’d like to obtain a firsthand look in Ishutin, then have a look at the documentary Free to Play, that follows Ishutin and also other rivals in the lead-up into the 2011 International tournament.

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Clement Ivanov (Puppey)
This pro gamer plays Dota two, a strategy game from Valve which pits two teams of five against every other. Each Dota 2 game occurs on one map, with two foundations located in opposite corners. The notion is that each participant selects among over a hundred personalities, and every group works together to destroy another’s base.

Ivanov is an Estonian who invested his professional career as the leader of Team Natus Vincere, but he left in August to combine Team Secret. Team Secret has not had the time to do much yet, however when Ivanov’s history is any indication, it will likely do quite nicely. In his period as an expert gamer, Ivanov has made a decent $667,332.

Team Newbee
It may look like cheating to provide one slot to a complete group, but when we did not, the members of Team Newbee could assume the vast majority of the list by themselves.

Last year’s International – that the annual Dota two tournament put on by Valve — doled out $10 million into its winners, a record-breaking sum for an e-sports contest. Those champions were the Chinese group Newbee, that took home a grand prize of just around $5 million, making all the five members of their group instant millionaires.

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