Insurance Compensation for Car Accident

By | 2017-03-11

Medical Bills

If your claim includes medical expenses due to an accidental injury, your claim adjuster will need to see the proof of your medical bills.

He can request you to sign a rebate to allow your car insurance company to access your medical records. Before signing this document, you can talk to a personal injury lawyer that it is in your best interest to sign. Once he has access to your records, then information in your medical history can be used to reduce your claim.

Review of Your Side of the Story

  • Policy number.
  • Date of the accident.
  • Location of the accident.
  • Description of how the accident occurred.
  • Name of the police department involved and the police report number (if applicable).

Review of Official Records

During the investigation phase, the adjuster reviews the case. Your rep may review the following information:

  • Amount of property damage.
  • Police reports.
  • DMV accident report.

Determination of Fault

One of the roles of your insurance adjuster is to determine the fault. In most states, the driver does not need to be 0% or 100% on the fault.

Your adjuster can decide that you are partially inaccurate (eg, 70% responsible for the accident) If you are 70% responsible and the other driver is responsible for 30%, then your company can handle 70% and others Driver’s car insurance company can pay the remaining 30%.

In some cases, the settlement is fully paid by the driver’s car insurance company, which is the most flaw talk to your auto insurance agent to know more.

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The Role of Social Media

Adjuster claimant (you) will check in addition to reviewing your claims history, car insurance companies are also likely to see you online.

To make sure that you are not lying, they can go to Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites. For example, if you are claiming car damage for an accident on Tuesday morning, and on Wednesday you post a picture with your car, then your company will detect fraud

Your car insurance company has a special investigation unit (SIU) to investigate suspected fraud, you can secure yourself on social media:

  • Setting your privacy settings so that only approved people can see your photos.
  • Posting photos about your accident or doing nothing.
  • Not filing a fraud claim.

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Option to resolve claim dispute

  • Claim the adjuster’s supervisor.
  • Arbitration.
  • Small claims court.
  • Hiring an attorney.
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