Best Puzzle Games for Android Free Download

By | 2017-29-09

Best Puzzle Games for Android Free Download – Puzzle games are among the very popular, ever. Actually, the most frequent individual gaming firm on mobile (Angry Birds) is a puzzle game. The genre has developed programmers and consistently have been discovering new and exciting way of teasing our brains, which makes us think and stumping us totally. Furthermore, it will help that puzzle games could possibly be playable on mobile apparatus that’s assisted bettering their own recognition. Following is a list of the best puzzle games on Android.

Best Puzzle Games for Android Free Download

Best Puzzle Games for Android Free Download

Best Puzzle Games for Android Free Download

2048 – Download
2048 is from a very popular family of puzzle games. You start out with a grid. Your goal is to combine all of the tiles with the same number to create new numbers. You then combine them to make even larger numbers. The game ends when you can’t combine any more tiles. This version includes several grid sizes, including four by four all the way up to eight by eight. It’s a simple premise that is both challenging and family friendly. You can play it for free as long as you don’t mind a few ads. and – Download
The assumption of would be to waft around a plank along with different players online. You have smaller players and steer clear of the bigger ones In, your purpose is not to encounter some gamers while also getting other players to encounter you. In both scenarios, you will discover fast paced game play snap decision making. They are both free to play and play in-app purchases. We combined these into a single thing on the list due to their similar match play.

Clue – Download
You will go around the board and try to work out who committed the murder, in which, and with that which thing. It is a faithful recreation of the real board game. Therefore, your experience must be about the same as it was. In addition, it will come with a few improvements, such as an auto-fill game card which will help take a little the tediousness from this sport. It is one of those traditional puzzle games. It is $3.99 and does not have any in-app purchases.

Cut the Rope franchise – Download
The Cut the Rope franchise is among the most popular set of family friendly puzzle games on the market. It entails a adorable little creature. Your work is to mangle the amount in this manner in which the candy causes it into the monster. The creature eats it and you advance to another level. Between all of the matches, you still have a lot of levels to play . Every match in the series has slightly different mechanisms to keep things feeling fresh. It is a great match, especially for children.

Deus Ex, Hitman, and Lara Croft Go – Download
Each one has its own variations, but the basic mechanisms are exactly the same. You will have tools that will assist you on the way. Every game has tools and instruments in their respective game franchises. The costs change as such games go on sale regularly. Luckily, the in-app buys are often only for hints. Most probably will not need them. All these are strong puzzle games.

Limbo – Download
It was also among the very unique puzzle games out of 2015. You play as a small boy who’s attempting to locate his sister that has wandered into Limbo. The game plays just like one giant side-scrolling degree that requires a few hours to finish. You will have a number of puzzles and challenges to conquer. It received nearly universal praise from players and critics alike. It is $4.99 that is a little much for just how short the game is, but the game is actually excellent. You may test a free demonstration before paying for the entire game.

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Mekorama – Download
Mekorama is among the greater free puzzle games. It includes easy images, easy mechanics, but a few great mystery elements. Because of this, the install size is quite low. Nonetheless, the game has 50 levels that you play . Each has a collectible card which you may get upon conclusion. The sport’s big attraction is that it is totally free to playwith. You will find in-app purchases. But they’re discretionary gifts only in case you enjoyed the sport. It is fantastic for mobile players on a budget.

Mushroom 11 – Download
Mushroom 11 is among the more intriguing puzzle games. You need to decrease the site to be able to allow it to grow from the opposite way. For example, you slide onto the ideal side along with the blob will expand toward the leftside. The outcome is a somewhat fun adventure. The sport has built-in attributes for speed runs and scoring challenges too. There are accomplishments. It’s simple to learn, difficult to master, and you just need to pay for this one time.

Prune – Download
Prune is just another superbly done puzzle game. The simple assumption has you developing a plant. Your work is to shear the plant to allow it to grow in the light. It comprises 48 levels and it is possible to sync your advancement between devices. Apart from its minimal fashion, in addition, it comprises no in-app purchases. It is among the greater, more underrated puzzle games on the market.

realMyst and Riven – Download
It is a faithful port along with the sport. You are going to have the entire world to research, all of the puzzles to solve, and what between. It contains some additional content. Additionally, there are some contemporary features like remastered graphics. The sport is a lengthy, big experience with loads of things to do. It is a wonderful experience in general. It is one of the more recent puzzle games, but it is still relatively bug free. You will pay $6.99 for the sport, but there aren’t any in-app purchases.

République – Download
République is a masterfully done game with great graphics, complicated mechanics, and a real story line. In its heart, however, it’s most likely the ideal escape sport on mobile at this time. You are tasked with directing a woman named Hope about surveillance guards, cameras, and several different puzzles and barriers to receive her safely outside. There are deviations from the story so that you may select how everything goes and, similar to Telltale Games, you will have five episodes (packed as in-app buys) to play to get the entire story. It is somewhat pricey, but it is more than many games and a complete blast to playwith.

The Room series – Download
They are hidden-object games that contain complex objects you need to unlock and hunt. The games feature stunning graphics, superbly done puzzles, and there’s a dim, literary narrative line. The next installment also has multiple endings so it is possible to replay the game . Not one of these have in-app purchases.

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Shadowmatic – Download
The match will dangle a ridiculous thing before a light. Your work is to form twist, and move the thing until the shadow it casts creates a photo of something. The game includes over a hundred degrees, a selection of secondary goals, accomplishments, as well as an arcade style. Players can test out the first 14 degrees at no cost. It is a great, family friendly sport and a few of the more recent puzzle games on the market.

Telltale Games collection – Download
Telltale Games is a favorite programmer. They’ve a selection of puzzle games which are generally based on famous franchises. The majority of them are combinations of genres such as hidden item, mystery, adventure, and a couple of others. The majority of the games are totally free to begin. But they’re all episodic names. This means you are going to need to purchase the additional 80 percent of every game once you begin. They are all very good puzzle games.

Yodo1 Games – Download
You are going to need to look to get Pac-Man 256 and Disney Crossy Road because they’re printed under other titles. The majority of the games reveal a mechanical and graphical similarity. You’ll certainly know it when you are playing one of the names. They are all free to download, however, see for all those in-app purchases.

The Room three – Download V1V2V3

The Room is a popular mystery franchise for Android, together with three entrances that provide hours of hard puzzle fun.

Controls are as easy as swiping round the display and double-click to concentrate in on a thing or mystery. As you advance throughout the game, you are going to come across objects which can allow you to find your way outside. As you proceed, more and more of the narrative is shown through notes left to you from the Craftsman.

These are compensated matches, but if you like a fantastic puzzle challenge they are all well worth the cost of admission!

Threes! – Download
Threes! Is an enjoyable and astonishingly adorable number-based puzzle game where your objective is to swipe across the grid and also game such as amounts. However, you’ve got to be tactical because in the event that you fill the board up and run from moves it is game over!

To get a really unfettered adventure, you’re going to want to obtain the entire game for no advertisements or distractions as you play. If you would like to save your cash, the free version is also a wonderful alternative, but when you get burn the established quantity of plays you are given to begin with, then you will want to watch advertisements for more plays.

And think, as soon as you get hooked on this sport, you won’t need to await advertisements all of the time.

2 Dots – Download
Like most of the best puzzle games, Two Dots is easy to learn, hard to master and thoroughly addictive.

Here is actually the sequel to the wildly popular Dots match, in which the principal object stays the same: link as many dots of the exact same colour as possible. The sequel brings fresh abilities to the table, combined with 900+ degrees to operate through.

As soon as you’ve gone through the first ten levels, which behave as a tutorial, then Two Dots supplies a linear experience of types in Treasure Hunt, and also another manner called Expedition when you’ve attained level 35.

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The game has zero advertisements, and a very distinctive and clean visual design which you will love. You will find in-app purchases offered for shuffles which could let you to get through an especially tricky amount but you are far better than this, right?

Monument Valley – Download
You perform as Ida, a princess who has to find her way through fantastical structures that you have to control and change to finish the course and help her achieve her objective.

The controls are easy as you tap on to maneuver the princess whilst discovering the various ways it is possible to move the structures round. It is an intuitive experience that compels you to take a look at things from another standpoint. If you have never experienced the royal miracle and mind-bending mysteries of Monument Valley, you must take a look. You receive the first game in addition to a brand new chapter named Ida’s Dream with the buy, while Forgotten Shores contains eight brand new chapters of gameplay that are available through an in-app buy.

Brain It On – Download
Brain It is a totally addicting physics-based puzzle game which needs you to think beyond the box to address each level.

Things get progressively creative and hard as you advance throughout the over 200 degrees, but you will eventually have to return and revisit old amounts to receive three stars to unlock new ones (celebrities are earned by completing the amount under time inside the limitation of shapes variety of contours).

It is a very fun game with numerous options out there for every degree, and is enjoyable to play as a team.

GO puzzle games. – Download
Produced by SQUARE ENIX this can be an awesome set of puzzle games which chooses the characters and motif from a recognized gaming company, and throws them in a brand-new puzzle-based experience. You do not necessarily need to be lovers of those franchises to appreciate their own GO entrances, though fans will probably enjoy the reimagined manner of enjoying their favourite games.

All these are brightly colored turn-based puzzlers that will give hours of challenging fun — and best of all they are all currently available on sale, which means you’re able to find three for the purchase price of an extra coffee. Let us Look at the respective games:

Hitman Go – Download
This was the very first franchise to be transformed to the GO mystery format, and it keeps up. You play Agent 47 and have to work your way via heavily-guarded compounds using the very same techniques found in the complete Hitman games you have played on PC or console: disguises, distractions, sniper rifles and obviously 47’s legendary Silverballer pistols. There are numerous methods to conquer each level, if you would like to be quiet and respectful, or strong and mortal.

Lara Croft GO – Download
The Tomb Raider is back in this entry which adds new wrinkles into the turn-based mysteries introduced by Hitman Go. It is an award-winning game which lures you in with its exceptional visuals and keeps you playing its hard puzzles.

Deus Ex GO – Download
Deus Ex is the most recent franchise to acquire the GO therapy, and this could be the best one yet. This one probably offers the most fleshed-out narrative of the three, and includes time-limited puzzles together with a level editor, which means you’re able to design, play and share levels by the game’s network.

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