Best Multiplayer Iphone Games With Friends

By | 2017-01-07

Best Multiplayer Iphone Games With Friends – Multiplayer games are games that can be played with the multiplayer mode or corpulent players in ber-together for a competition to be a winner. In this multi player game you can invite your friend battle or compete in the game to become a winner.

Certainly playing games with friends against will be more exciting game play compared with its own system of fighting, it feels so less greget.  It would be more fun if the multiplayer games have great graphics quality.

Best Multiplayer Iphone Games With Friends

Best Multiplayer Iphone Games With Friends

Games with HD graphics may be the game’s graphics quality is highest at this time, usually for games with HD quality also has a 3D dimensional tlah, so kujungi in the game will look very similar to the kujungi in the real world.

Best Multiplayer Iphone Games With Friends

There are many multiplayer games category or you can play the 2 or more persons some of whom are the most popular racing games/racing, action games, strategy games, arcade and much more, it goes without lingering again following his review of his.

Dungeon Hunter 4

If you are looking for the best mobile-based RPG multiplayer games for iPhone, look no further than Dungeon Hunter 4. Your goal is to eliminate the demons that have decimated your entire kingdom (Valenthia). In a town where everything has been destroyed and your people desperately looking for a savior, you must do what it takes to salvage your kingdom and save your people.

Features :

  • The multiplayer option gives you the opportunity to go after the dons in the COOP Arena.
  • You can choose from different gaming modes such as the PVP.
  • HD graphics make the gaming experience even more entertaining and enchanting.
  • You can upgrade and customize your fighting gear to match up with your enemies.
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Battle Monkeys

In a world where monkeys have taken control, there’s only one way to know who is the boss; fight. This highly enchanting 3D game is one of the best animal-based and action packed multiplayer game for iOS. The crowd will call out your name while you fight off your fellow monkeys. Win the game and take the throne.

Features :

  • It comes with a live multiplayer option that supports up to four (4) players at a go.
  • All graphics are in 3D and HD.
  • You can customize your monkey with over 1,000 different effects to choose from.

Asphalt 8 Airborne

With more than 200 million different downloads under its belt, Asphalt 8 gives you the opportunity to go airborne rather than just race on the ground. Designed and developed by Gameloft in the year 2013, the game has a 2016 update that comes with cooler features. The following are some of them.

Features :

  • You can choose from a total of more than 140 customizable car brands.
  • It comes with HD graphics and different background music to listen to while playing.
  • More than 180 global events to choose from.
  • The online multiplayer allows you to engage with more than 10 players at a go.

If burning the track is your ultimate sport, then look no further than Asphalt 8 Airborne.

Anomaly 2

Are you looking for the best strategy multiplayer iPhone game? Look no further than Anomaly 2. This game brings together HD graphics and the best action packed feeling you can ever find in an iOS game, and it’s no surprise why this game was nominated for the best strategy game in the Best Apps Ever Awards. When playing this game, you are mandated with leading a convoy of an army to fight off a group of aliens who have taken over the world and killed people.

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Features :

  • The Game Centre option gives you the opportunity to interact with different players.
  • You can choose from over 1 million different tactical combinations.
  • The graphics and sound are all in HD hence giving you an awesome feeling when playing the game.
  • You can choose from a total of 5 different online maps when playing under the multiplayer option.

Fast and Furious Legacy

This game comes hot on the heels of the Fast and Furious franchise. Just like in the movie, this game gives you the opportunity to take out your opponents as you compete for the top spot.

Features :

  • It comes with more than 50 different racing cars to choose from.
  • You can customize your racing car to suit your preferences and hit the road with it.
  • The game graphics are in full HD.
  • The multiplayer option allows you to challenge known villains in the movie.

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