40 Best Adventure Games for Android Apk Download

By | 2017-22-09

Best Adventure Games for Android Apk Download – Adventure games are among the most unique of any games. They do not fit into any 1 genre or category and frequently times they will fit into many genres at the same time. The sole requirement for a game to be an adventure game would be the fact that it has to take you on an experience. If you are prepared for a listing of games which will do that, here are our choices for the very best adventure games available on Android!

best adventure games for android free download

best adventure games for android free download

Best Adventure Games for Android Free Download

Amanita Design games – Download
They’ve some really excellent experience games under their belt. Machinarium is a remarkably popular puzzle game. Your intention is to solve puzzles and rescue your girlfriend out of vagabonds. Botanicula is all about a bunch insects seeking to rescue their tree’s seed out of bad men. All of them have a similar texture to their own mechanics.

Ace Attorney games – Download
The Ace Attorney are popular mystery adventure games. A couple of the names are on Android now. Both games include similar mechanics. You will play as an lawyer. Your work is to choose on the court system to receive your customers the triumph. The games are rather expensive. The initial goes for $15.99 and another goes for $19.99. Hilariously enough, it is more expensive if you purchase it to your Nintendo 3DS.

Crashlands – Download
Crashland is currently one of the very best adventure games out of 2016. You play as a distance trucker called Flux. The game begins with you crashing onto an alien world. Your work is to recover your freight, construct yourself a foundation, fight bad guys, and save the entire world. It’s a great deal of game components, such as crafting, battle, RPG-style character leveling, and you may also tame monsters to fight on your side. It is a deep game with a whole lot of content which you could play both the mobile and PC. It is 4.8 evaluation on Google Play is true.

Dead Effect 2 – Download
Dead Effect 2 is a sci-fi FPS game using a dark plot and fantastic images. This game carries a 20-hour campaign style along with an extra ten hours worth of side quests to keep you amused. You will fight an assortment of bad men from creatures that are mutated to technologically improved aliens while your character levels up, gains new abilities, and locates new equipment which you may upgrade. It also has controller support, heaps of accomplishments, and much more. It is a freemium game that means you are going to be pestered to get things from time to time, but besides that, it has got its mark one of the very best adventure games on the market.

Doom and Destiny Advanced – Download
Unlike many, this one does not take itself overly seriously. There’s quirky, funny dialogue. There’s also an enjoyable little story to play . The game boasts dozens of hours of narrative, 500 areas to research, 15 character classes, 22 character outfits, heaps of bad men, 150 special abilities, and much more. There’s also online play supported for both PvP and co-op so that you can play online together or from friends. It is inexpensive and there is a whole lot of adventuring to perform!

Lara Croft GO, Deus Ex GO, Hitman GO – Download
You will browse a degree, solve the puzzles, and also make it to another area of the narrative. The tales are not super heavy or anything. But they do often be more pleasurable. Every game has unique mechanisms in the game show that it came from. Hitman GO has more firearms. Lara Croft GO occurs within a historical ruin. You can not go wrong with some of those games.

Lifeline series – Download
The Lifeline show are a set of text-based experience games which provide something just a bit different. Every game has an experience where a character is doing something and you have to guide them through the energy of choices. It is a special premise and all these are performed nearly perfectly. They also comprise Android Wear support so that you can actually play your own watch and Lifeline will send you a notification when it is time to make another choice. They are relaxing, but exceptionally engaging and they are inexpensive without a in-app purchases.
Lifeline series

Out There: Ω Edition – Download
Outside there’s a sci-fi survival narrative about an astronaut that wakes up from cryogenic sleep at certain mysterious area of the galaxy. Your work is to live from the harshness of distance, make friends with extraterrestrial beings, fix and improve your boat, and there’s a narrative that you play . It is a challenging game and one which will have you scratching your head and thinking tactically so as to survive. The game also includes 59 accomplishments, a leaderboard, over 350 choices which you are going to need to create, a tagging system, and, strangely, no battle. It is one of the better adventure games on the market.

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Rockstar Games (six games) – Download
Rockstar has a lot of excellent experience games. These games have a similar assumption. You will have to explore an open globe. There’s a story line to follow and a great deal of side quests to perform. The controls may be a bit frustrating from time to time. But they operate mostly nicely. The GTA games are largely about offense. Bully is largely about large school. Each one the games cost $4.99 or $6.99 without a in-app purchases.

Rusty Lake (Cube Escape) series – Download
Cube Escape is a streak of mystery-adventure games in which you have to solve puzzles to learn what’s really happening. It’s also referred to as the “Rusty Lake narrative” and it is actually playable online for a web game too. The mechanics are quite straightforward and every game has you solving a number of puzzles to be able to advance from the narrative. It is technically they’re escape games that means the majority of the time you’re going to be solving puzzles. Nonetheless, it’s a superb collection of games and all these are free without a in-app purchases creating them the most economical adventure games you can get.

Secret of Mana – Download
It is famous for being readily accessible by both novices and experts in the genre and uses a exceptional menu program, touch controls which are nicely done, and also a fairly good narrative. The assumption is that you and your buddies will combat the empire for management of the strongest Mana. It is an enjoyable little game though it does run slightly expensive. Square Enix has re-released lots of their previous titles and the majority of them make for exceptional adventure games.

Telltale Games collection – Download
Telltale Games have introduced lots of episodic experiences and they are all fairly great. These days, there are just seven games in their lineup with much more coming earlier or later. Each game provides you the very first installment once you download it and you are going to need to buy the additional episodes as in-app purchases. They are all pretty excellent experience games and worth a download.

This War of Mine – Download
This War of Mine is a great survival game and also our pick for the best Android game launched in 2015. Inside that, you perform as a set of war spouses inside a town now being occupied by the enemy. Your task is to keep your small collective living by collecting supplies, crafting items, and creating some ridiculously challenging choices. The game’s trademark feel is it is not necessarily fun, but it is really interesting and it is a game you will probably need to replay to determine whether you’re able to do things otherwise. It is expensive, but worthwhile. It’s that good.

To the Moon – Download
To the Moon is just one of the more recent adventure games. The scientists meet people’s closing wishes by injecting memories in their brain shortly before departure. The aim of the game is to aid a guy named Johnny visit the moon. You will encounter through his memories as you attempt to piece things together. The game includes a lot of puzzles that you address. There’s not any battle or anything similar to that. Just you, a few memories, and a few puzzles to solve.

Ys Chronicles II – Download
Ys Chronicles are just two jRPG games. They have been popular from the early 2000’s. They use hack-and-slash mechanics and the narrative revolves around discovering the six sacred novels which are utilized to divert the demons out of the Esteria kingdom. In the next game, the narrative continues farther. This means you’re really should begin with the initial one. The mechanisms work really well on a touchscreen display and they are relatively inexpensive. DotEmu includes a lot of other excellent games interfaces.

The Walking Dead – Download
People that are knowledgeable about the tv show or even the comics know fighting zombies is thrilling from the normal and a bit depressed. From the game by Telltale, you’ll discover exactly the very same feelings. After only minutes of gameplay, you are feeling that the battle of the chief characters and are spent in their own survival.

CSI Hidden Crimes – Download
Creating a video game from a movie or TV series is excellent idea in concept, but frequently license prices are prohibitively expensive. No matter Ubisoft made it happen. The experience is based upon the powerful CSI show and, exactly enjoy the show, you resolve criminal cases.

The way is timeless: you need to locate the individual responsible by searching for hints and putting together the signs. Nothing new, but that’s no problem since the investigations are participating and the air of the TV show is maintained. To put it differently, I recommend it not only for fans of the series, but fans of the genre.

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Secret Documents Tunguska – Download
The heroine, Nina, finds herself at the middle of a mystery that involves conspiracies, secrets, world travel and kidnappings. The point and click gameplay is among the games strengths and will delight fans of the genre.

Machinarium – Download
As beautiful guitar music plays in the background, you help a small robot save a town that another robot is attempting to destroy. It’s a point and click style game, with convincing steampunk graphics and an original idea.

Samorost 3 – Download
Samorost 3 was made by precisely the exact same developer who made Machinarium and this is also a tiny gem. The game revolves around a gnome who finds an enchanted flute and wishes to learn where it came from. The graphics are reminiscent of Machinarium and the gameplay is quite original: there’s not any dialogue, only sounds and images to advance the plot and activities.

The Cave – Download
The makers of the cult game Monkey Islands have made a new game, which is also somewhat nutty. At the start, each player chooses three figures to alternate between in the game. Each has a distinctive characteristic and story to be played in the game. The game is a whole lot of fun, and very amusing.

Dream Chamber (Full) – Download
The setting of this comic-book style game occurs in america in the 1930s. It’s possible to look for new clues in the dream sequences, and the swap is done utilizing the screen.

Agent Alice – Download
It can be both simple and complex, and there’s a wonderful diversity of puzzles to enjoy.

Finding Teddy – Download
This game tells the story of a small girl whose stuffed bear was stolen by a monster while she slept. As she searches for her beloved teddy in a cupboard, she has pulled into a magic world in which she struggles creatures and helps other animals as her hunt persists. The game is a traditional point and click, with no dialogue and plenty of riddles. Furthermore, you can pause and save your game at any point. The graphics give the game a particular atmosphere.

Broken Age – Download
Double Fine’s experience Broken Age, the game which helped begin gambling’s crowdfunding revolution goes mobile. Damaged Age tells the story of two adolescents, every struggling against traditions which bind them. Deep in the guts of a starship, Shay Volta is hoping to escape the clutches of a stiflingly maternal AI, while Vella Tartine was picked to be sacrificed into some mysterious monster to be able to rescue her village.

Her Story – Download
Are you a fan of crime and investigative pieces like Serial and Making a Murderer? Following is a similarly themed game for you budding Sherlocks out there. Armed only with a mothballed computer and an antique police database, you must search through the files for short video clips of the woman’s seven police interviews to unravel the entire story.

Batman: The Telltale Series – Download
Telltale Games brings its Distinctive brand of narrative adventure to the Dark Knight in Batman: The Telltale Series. Telltale’s story-based approach lends itself well to an aspect of the Batman character that’s rarely so well-explored in more action-oriented titles — the dual identity and constant tension between Batman and Bruce Wayne. The very first episode of the game comes free, with subsequent episodes available as in-app purchases. With the release of episode 5: City of Light, now you can move through the story completely in 1 go.

Lifeline – Download
Lifeline pioneered a new genre of slow-burn narrative adventure games designed to be played over time, instead of in one quick go. In the wake of a crash landing on an alien moon, lone survivor Taylor is stranded and working desperately to stay alive. With the remainder of the crew dead or missing, you’re the only person that Taylor can communicate with, asking for help, guidance or simple human contact. Messages can take time to be received, and Taylor is also busy on the blasted moonscape, so updates to the story unlock with time, with new messages showing up in your notifications. Finish any single path of the story, and it’s possible to replay the game and loop back to previous decisions to observe how the story changes.

Mr. Robot: 1.51exfiltrati0n.apk – Download
This tie-in game for the popular TV series takes the exact same slow-burning formula pioneered by Lifeline and pushes it in interesting directions, even as it intertwines with the events of Mr. Robot’s first season. The game masks itself as a messaging app from in-show company titan, E-Corp, sitting in a lost phone that you found and picked up. From that point, you start receiving messages from a mysterious hacker’s collective that wants your help to “reset the world.” It is a slowly unfurling technothriller story that works out from the smartphone display.

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Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy – Download
Part video game, part interactive movie, David Cage’s Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy takes you via a creepy combination of crime thriller and supernatural terror, seen by the eyes of a varied cast of characters. Fahrenheit pioneered some intriguing adventure mechanics like limited, high-impact branching dialogue and timed choices that would influence later adventure and RPG greats, and the game still stands up well with its branching storylines and fully voiced cast.

Grim Fandango Remastered – Download
Step into the shoes of Manny Calavera, travel agent to the dead, in the remastered version of the traditional adventure game Grim Fandango. First released in 1998, Grim Fandango melds Mexican folklore, film noir sensitivities and a healthy dose of humor to create an enjoyable and memorable adventure game. Double Fine’s remastered version features improved graphics, an orchestral score, and an abundance of extras like developer commentary and concept art. About the one thing which hasn’t translated well is the obscure ’90s adventure game puzzle design, which can be counterintuitive to modern gamers.

To Be or Not To Be – Download
A specific delight is the abundance of illustrations by an assortment of webcomic greats like Kate Beaton (Hark, A Vagrant), Zach Weinersmith (SMBC), and Matthew Inman (Oatmeal). Incredibly hilarious and brilliantly executed, To Be or Not To Be will be certain you will not ever look at Shakespeare the exact same manner again.

The Walking Dead: Season 3 – Download
Telltale’s critically acclaimed Walking Dead set of adventure games returns for a third season, with players guiding new character Javier through the undead post-apocalypse along with returning character Clementine. In comparison to other adventure games, The Walking Dead focuses less on stumping players with puzzles and more on character interaction and the emotional weight of the decisions you make. Players who have completed previous games can carry a few of their choices forward through their Telltale account.

The Talos Principle – Download
As a newly awoken android in a world filled with classical ruins and higher technology, players are tasked by their creator, the mysterious Elohim, to fix an assortment of puzzles. You have to unlock clues about what happened to create the desolate world that surrounds you. While The Talos Principle is a Tegra exclusive, it includes some reasonably smooth touchscreen controls, which makes it playable even without a gamepad.

Game of Thrones – Download
Players take control of the scions of House Forrester, minor bannermen of House Stark, in the Fantastic struggle for the throne of the Seven Kingdoms. Telltale Games’ signature high-stakes, timed decision-making is very apt for the Game of Thrones episodic game, with players needing to think on their toes as they make tough choices from the battle and inside the murky politics of the courtroom. With the release of the sixth episode, “The Ice Dragon”, users can play the whole game in 1 go.

80 Days – Download
As the loyal valet Passepartout, you accompany your master Phileas Fogg in his globe-trotting journey through an alternate Earth filled with automata, Artificers and airships. Players must race through the world’s great cities, discovering new routes and stumbling across mysteries while exploring each city through a choose-your-path interface. Discover the fastest routes, balance your finances, pack the ideal inventory in your limited luggage space and you just might win Fogg’s epic wager and circumnavigate the world in 80 Days.

Gemini Rue – Download
This brooding cyberpunk noir thriller tells two stories that eventually come together. One is of Azriel Odin, a former assassin turned law enforcer looking for his brother. The other is of Delta-Six, an amnesiac trapped within a health institution. Like many other adventures by developer Wadjet Eye Games, Gemini Rue sports a retro graphical look reminiscent of classic adventure games like Beneath a Steel Sky. It is a compelling sci-fi mystery with excellent writing hampered only by some awkward action sequences.

Machinarium – Download
Sporting a special art style that’s equal parts storybook whimsy and industrial apocalypse, Machinarium starts with a nameless robot dumped on peak of a scrap heap. From that point, you solve a collection of point and click puzzles and brain teasers to unravel the plot, accompanied by little more than the ominous yet mournful soundtrack. Machinarium is confident in its storytelling, utilizing no spoken or written dialogue to convey information. Rather, animations and thought bubbles tell you all that you have to know about your intrepid protagonist and his motivations.

Voyageur – Download
For interactive fiction that’s less directed and more about the journey, check out Voyageur, a space adventure game about the one-way trip to exploring the universe. Armed with a Descent Device, a faster-than-light drive that may only jump closer and closer to the middle of the galaxy, you journey onward to explore new planets, make a profit, and experience strange new human cultures. While the procedurally generated worlds could bring about a bit of repetition, the game features multiple endings and a varied universe to explore.

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