20 Free Gameloft Games for Android Download

By | 2017-01-08

20 Free Gameloft Games for Android Download – When we discuss mobile matches that the very first company that springs to mind is Gameloft, not solely by the amount of names which were published but for the caliber of those. Launched in 1999 and with over 200 titles under his belt, the French firm grows and adapts games not just for Android but also for different platforms such as iOS, Symbian, Bada, BlackBerry OS, BREW, iOS, Java, and Windows Phone.

Most of us like the casual pleasure of Angry Birds, but our apparatus are sophisticated enough now that complete console-level games are all possible. No matter your choose Gameloft is, these are the games they are attempting to create. Although they do additionally release first licensed titles (Spiderman: Total Mayhem, Assassin’s Creed: Altaïr’s Chronicles…), we are likely to concentrate on the ‘copycats’ — the games console clones.

20 Free Gameloft Games for Android Download

20 Free Gameloft Games for Android Download

20 Free Gameloft Games for Android Download

Age Of Sparta – Download

Age of Sparta is a strategy game where you play as a Spartan hero combining historical greece from the hordes of armies headed by the tyrant Xerxes that is hoping to conquer the territory. It’s possible to combine your cousins and unleash tactical attacks and also summon the gods to rain down catastrophic power.

Brothers In Arms 3 – Download

Brothers In Arms 3 is the continuation of the popular third-person World War II shooter. You command a squad of brave soldiers fighting together in the events following the invasion of Normandy. There are multiple weapons to unlock, and from time to time there is a cool little killcam when you headshot enemies.

Ice Age Adventures – Download

The adventure continues with Manny, Diego, and the remaining loveable Ice Age characters as you investigate the huge arctic landscape, combating mythical enemies and enjoying mini-games to rescue portions of the herd within an effort to get everyone back together and back where they belong. Home.

Order and Chaos Online – Download

If you adore MMORPG games afterward Order and Chaos Online is among the best you’ll find. There are several character category types and races to pick from providing you quite a little character customization, dungeons, raids, guilds, and loads and loads of quests to perform through, with much more information coming in future upgrades.

Blitz Brigade – Download

Multiplayer shooters could be a hell of a whole lot of fun especially when they’re as zany and funny since Blitz Brigade. It is reminiscent of Team Fortress 2 style gameplay with conflicts of around 12 players from heated first-person battle, with five distinct course types to pick from. If this was not enough there will also be more than 100 weapons to use against your foes for domination from the online leaderboards.

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Spider-Man Unlimited – Download

Spider-Man Unlimited is a comedian stylized endless runner kind game full with boss battles with villains in the Sinister Six. Swing through the city streets of New York and take enemies out, even unlock several different Spider-Man outfits in the many distinct comics. Gameloft is calling this a story runner since there are over just a couple of cutscenes and story-based play worked to the sport.

Modern Combat 5 – Download

Gameloft’s Moderrn Combat series has always bee among the most common mobile game franchises on the market, and also the fifth installment is the best yet. The sport is currently free which makes it even more accessible to gamers and it provides a compelling campaign mode with a great deal of assignments and amazing graphics, and a multiplayer mode with all the activity you would expect in an FPS title. There are many class types to perform including the newest support category in the newest upgrade.

Dungeon Hunter 5AH – Download

As actions rpg games proceed, Dungeon Hunter 5 provides up a few of the very best gameplay around. The recognizable action of this hack and slash dungeon crawler comes with all new abilities and skills, new PvP components and a brand new system for updating weapons and fusing them together with brand new abilities. Pictures are turned up a notch too and also the all-new dodge mechanic makes for some intriguing battle.

Asphalt 8 – Download

High-octane racing activity does not get better than Asphalt 8. With tons of articles already in the game and much more being added in future upgrades, there is a lot to unlock and accumulate in either single-player effort mode or online multiplayer. The game comprises 56 vehicles and 180 occasions over 8 seasons of races. There is more than enough to keep you amused for quite some time.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush – Download

Despicable Me: Minion Rush is a mixture of unlimited runner and exciting mini games including the humorous little minions out of Despicable Me. You can find even boss struggles to participate in and you are able to customize your small minion with humorous costumes. As with other endless runners you are going to be attempting to doge challenges and gather items as you move to elevate your highscore.

Modern Combat: Sandstorm – Download

Together with Activision churning out blockbuster Call of Duty games each holiday season, it is not surprising that Gameloft has jumped at the opportunity to earn their own variant of the rewarding franchise. Modern Combat does exactly what you would expect a war shooter to perform.

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As among those French programmer’s earlier titles, it is probably only going to charge you $5 or so. Gameloft later improved on the formula which has been shown here (see below), however do not let this keep you away from the good FPS.

Gangstar: Miami Vindication – Download

This Grand Theft Auto clone puts you in the criminal underworld of South Beach. A vast improvement over the mediocre Gangstar: West Coast Hustle (itself a GTA: San Andreas replica), you’ll be stealing cars, assaulting random civilians, and running from the cops – everything you’d expect out of a GTA game.

Though you miss the licensed music and irreplaceable creativity of Rockstar’s endeavors, you still have the ability to roam free (and wreak havoc) in a virtual Miami that lives in your iDevice or Android phone. This is a solid buy for GTA fans.

N.O.V.A. – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance – Download

As among the programmer’s most obvious xerox tasks, this is their tribute to Bungie’s H.A.L.O. franchise. The get-up of N.O.V.A.’s protagonist might practically be grounds for a suit, it occupies such an uncanny similarity to Master Chief.

Unapologetic imitation aside, Gameloft has given us an enjoyable mobile shooter that’s an improvement on any interface of Doom or Quake. Its sequel (see below) turns it up a notch, but the very first N.O.V.A. is among Gameloft’s classics and also a trip worth taking.

Eternal Legacy – Download

Gameloft’s entry to the domain of role-playing games requires a stab at replicating Final Fantasy. You collect your group of warriors (such as the obligatory spiky-haired teenager) for an experience of turn-based fighting along with all the things, magic, and special attacks which you would expect from an RPG. The images are notable since a number of the better out of Gameloft, together with vividly-presented characters.

Shadow Guardian – Download

Shadow Guardian is a gorgeous Uncharted clone which incorporates all of the climbing, 3rd-person shooting, and enormous collection bits which you would expect from Naughty Dog’s PS3 classics. The images are all up there with Gameloft’s finest, and controllers create transitioning between shooting, running, and scaling a breeze.

But, important technical bugs at the iPad variant have been neglected from the programmer, therefore we can not hold this up as large as we otherwise could. In case Gameloft fixes the glitches, this cinematic cliffhanger might well be their very best game.

Sacred Odyssey: The Rise of Ayden – Download

If you do not have a Nintendo system, you are out of luck when it comes to enjoying recent The Legend of Zelda titles. Sacred Odyssey: The growth of Ayden tries to remedy that using an action/adventure/RPG which was clearly inspired by the 3D Zelda games in the previous 15 decades.

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Sacred Odyssey features top-notch images, astonishingly good voice acting, and a fantastical narrative (also featuring a magic Princess) which will fit right in on some of Nintendo’s classics.

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus – Download

The sequel into Modern Combat, Black Pegasus provides topnotch images and also the exact same rock-solid control scheme which makes all of Gameloft’s first person shooters instinctive — despite being on a touchscreen.

Along with some single-player effort that is well worth the price of entry alone, Modern Combat 2 features online multiplayer so that you can team up along with your friends or find games with strangers. For under $10, it is difficult to do better than that.

Dungeon Hunter 2 – Download

You are going to need to go all of the way back to 1996 and 2000 for the Diablo games which motivated Dungeon Hunter 2. In case you missed them, this really is the best introduction you can get on your mobile device. This activity role-playing game provides you a birds’ eye view of your personality as you accumulate loot, battle monsters of every ilk, and level your character up via subterranean lairs.

Much like many of those Gameloft titles in the previous eight weeks or so, the images are a true treat. The first Dungeon Hunter is a good purchase also, but this sequel ups the ante.

N.O.V.A. 2 – Download

At Gameloft’s next stab in H.A.L.O., the graphics are improved over the first N.O.V.A., the story is strong enough to keep you engaged, and you’re going to end up in environments which range from lush green jungles to black, cavernous spaceship corridors.

N.O.V.A. 2 also provides a exceptional soundtrack that enhances the experience. This is only one of the very best first person shooters you can discover out of a committed games console or PC.

Backstab – Download

In Backstab, Gameloft’s latest name, you take the part of Henry Blake, a British officer who has been murdered by his own authorities. Blake escapes from captivity, goes underground, and eventually become a rebel/mercenary/pirate — bent on sin and redemption. It is a worthy story and the images are a significant step ahead for Gameloft. The assortment of fully-detailed surroundings is just astounding for a mobile game.

The dialog and voice acting could be weak in places, along with the battle could be more diverse. However, the game remains powerful enough to catch our number one place.

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